America's 8 Fattest Cities

November 30, 2011

According to Prevention Magazine, the following are America's fattest cities.  These eight cities have the highest rate of obesity and heart disease in the nation.

1. Detroit, MI: CDC data show that the population has the highest rate of heart disease and 33% of them are obese.

2. Fort Wayne, IN:  Rates of obesity and heart disease are through the roof in this midwestern city.

3. Lubbock, TX: 32% of Lubbock residents are obese.

4. New Orleans, LA:  This southern city is no stranger to deep fried foods and generous portions.

5. Dallas, TX: Dallas residents consume fast food an average of 20.7 times per month, according to restaurant industry consultants Sandelman and Associates.

6. Baton Rouge, LA: This city serves up hearty dishes that contain plenty on unhealthy fats.

7. Tulsa, OK: Tulsa is a car dependent city with residents choosing to drive rather than to walk to most places.

8. Louisville, KY: The Daily Beast/ Newsweek reports that Louisville contains more McDonald's outposts per capita (39) than any city in the country.



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