Hanson Announces MMMhop IPA Beer

November 30, 2011

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: Hanson, the band of brothers who exploded onto the scene in 1997 with their song "MMMBop," are launching their very own brand of MMMhop IPA beer. (Fun fact for 90s kids: All three Hanson brothers are married with children. How's that for a reality check?)

Zac, who plays the drums, made the announcement during an appearane at Oxford University, saying, "It's vital our fans have trust in everything Hanson do. We are soon going to be selling our own beer. I'm not joking -- MMMhop IPA, anyone?"

If you're not a Hanson fan, perhaps this AC/DC wine will please your palate.

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Amanda's picture

Super stoked for this. Big fan of both Hanson and beer.