Must Drink Cocktails for New Year's Eve- Warren Bobrow, Cocktail Whisperer

December 28, 2011

Pears, grilled Bosc pears, absinthe in the nose- vanilla syrup and a bit of oily texture.  This is classy stuff.  That was the first impression on my tongue after taking a sip of Casa Noble Tequila.  I received this bottle as a professional sample last week, thank you. Smoke and Pear Eau de Vie do a little pinball game on the back of my teeth and lips. Followed up quickly by a smooth, creamy- vanilla custard on the tongue- slipping down my throat in a strand of warmth-followed by the unmistakable burn of 80 Proof heat.  It's my thought that less would be more for mixing this Tequila- why cover up the flavors? 

Musical intro

This is very elegant high-end Tequila, Certified Organic by the CCOF

The bottle packaging is hand blown "seeded" glass and the closure is made from a type of burnished metal with a cork finish.  The top alone must weigh a 1/2 pound at least.  You know when this bottle is in your hand.  It feels expensive- ultra-premium and very desirable. 

Carlos Santana is involved in the project.  He has a passion for excellence!  His story in many ways mirrors my own experience being a writer.  He says:  "When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." Carlos Santana

Royal Rose syrups in Brooklyn, New York makes a tasty, unique product, also using organic and natural ingredients.  This morning when I was picking up the bottle of Tequila down in the great room, the orange- hued bottle of their Three Chiles Syrup seemed to call out to me.  "Whisper to me" the bottle spoke,  "Whisper your magic into that glass, over there."  Now, sitting on my desk, is that very bottle of Royal Rose and perhaps I can hear the message that Carlos Santana spoke of in his video.  Their Three Chiles" Syrup combines Poblano, Jalapeno, and dried Ancho Chiles in their mix of Simple Syrup.  It's sweet and hot, tart and fire driven.  I think of frosty margarita cocktails with fresh lime juice and this syrup instead of cloyingly sweet Triple Sec...  (What is Triple Sec anyway?)

My takeaway?  Do what you love and everything will be ok


Happy New Year! 

And now on to the cocktails! 

Acapulco "slippery" Tea Cocktail

Makes two frosty bell-ringer's!


4 shots of Casa Noble Crystal Tequila

1 Tablespoon of Royal Rose Three Chiles Syrup

6 ounces of green tea, iced

Seltzer water

Crushed Coconut water ice (How do I make coconut water ice?  Freeze some coconut water- use unsweetened into an ice cube tray, then freeze)


Chill two Martini glasses with water and ice (pour out ice just before service)

To a cocktail shaker fill 1/2 with regular ice

Add the Casa Noble Crystal Tequila

Add the Royal Rose Three Chiles Simple Syrup


Add 6 oz iced green tea to the cocktail shaker, stir.

Crush some of the coconut water ice and add the shards to your pre-chilled Martini glass

Strain the Tequila/Chile/ice tea into the glasses

Top with a bit of seltzer

Garnish with a sprig of cilantro


Mexico City Organ Grinder Splash Cocktail 

Makes two cocktails certainly required to turn your organ grinder. 


Decent Spanish Cava

2 Shots of Tuthilltown White Whiskey

2 shots Casa Noble Tequila

1 Tablespoon of Royal Rose Three Chile Syrup

1 Medicine Dropper of Bitter End Mexican Mole' Bitters


To a cocktail shaker, fill 1/2 with ice

Add 2 Shots of Tuthilltown White Whiskey

Add 2 Shots of Casa Noble Tequila

Add a Tablespoon of the Three Chile Syrup from Royal Rose


Strain into a coupe' glass  then add exactly five drops of the Bitter End Mexican Mole' Bitters into each glass.

Top with a splash of Cava. 

Garnish with a home cured cherry

Sip carefully!


I shot this picture with my digital Leica M8 (50 Summicron F2) in B&W to signify the ending of 2011 and the beginning of what I hope will be a better year.  Cheers!  wb






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As always, a great cocktail. Thanks!