Correcting Blue Bottle Coffee with Mezcal

December 15, 2012

It's gorgeous stuff, this seemingly handmade bottle of Delirio Mezcal resting, quite calmly in front of me, beckoning me to join in a morning slurp. 

Oh sure, it's 9:30 in the morning and I've just removed the massive cork top of my sample bottle of Delirio.  The coffee in the French Press is from Blue Bottle.  It has all the stuffing for a correction.  

A correction?  Yes, with a healthy Saturday morning shot of Delirio Mezcal.

But what is Delirio?  It's a gorgeous slurp of Oaxaca history.

This handsome bottle, designed like a rare Art Deco jewel looks very masculine on the table with its shape like a diamond cut glass and jutting natural cork cork finish.  You want to grab the bottle in your fist and with your teeth, yank the cork out and drink a massive swig. 

But you won't want to do that.  This Mezcal is far too good for that type of drinking.  You'll want to savor each vanilla tinged drop of this highly expressive- 100% Agave product. 

I like to drink it a couple of ways.  First, in a snifter with nothing else.  Second, with a splash of freshly squeezed blood orange juice.  Third, as a correction.  A what?

This morning I have a French Press of coffee and my favorite Heath mug on the desk next to my computer.  And because I was going to write something about the Delirio, a healthy amount found its way into my cup.

Delirio is made in a modern style.  Fruit forward, in this case the fruit is agave and forward is the flavor of smoke and fire tinged by sweet candy sugar. 

If you like Scotch Whiskey and you like Tequila, you might start drinking more Mezcal.

I designed my morning not around drinking, but around writing.  This moment of quiet after the clamor and abundant joy of last night's dinner service at the Ryland Inn is most appreciated. 

And if I want to add a bit of correction to my morning coffee?  So be it.

The Miss P cocktail is not actually a cocktail at all.  What it is for me is the exemplification of what is good about a quiet morning at home.  The coffee must be hot, the mug memorable and the flavor transcendent.  If you have a good Mezcal like Delirio, even better.

Do something nice for yourself this morning.  Take a few extra minutes to savor your coffee just as I am.

Add a bit of correction.  Sit back, close your eyes and dream.

The Miss P Cocktail

It's ESSENTIAL to use Good Coffee like the coffee from Blue Bottle or your choice, just do me a favor and don't use that overly roasted burn bomb coffee, please...

The Correction:  Delirio Mezcal Reposado

La Perruche Sugar


Preheat your coffee mug

Add the sugar

Add the coffee

Add however much Mezcal you want

Drink.  Dream... Postulate...  Pause. relax and listen.  then begin again until sated.


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