From South Tyrol, Italy; a pasturized cows milk (semi-skimmed) . Found in the area of Meran and Vinshgau, Italy. In production previously pasteurized milk is brought to about 32 degrees C, adding lactic mesophili and then rennet powder. It then coagulates for 35 minutes. After the breaking of the curd (the size of a cherry) it is cooked at 42 degrees for about 20 minutes. It's then extracted and hot water is added (42 degrees). After 15 minutes, the mass is extracted and placed in bands for 8 hours, turning every two. Salting is done by brine bath (20%%) during two days. Matures in 8 weeks in 13 degrees and humidity 98%%, where the forms are turned and washed every week. Characteristics: Height: 10 cm, diameter 35 cm, weight 8 kg; shape: circular crust: hard, smooth, dark, meals: with very irregular holes, eyes flat and elongated, dense, color from white to pale yellow; fat: 35%%, Taste: sweet. It is available year round.


Translations: Бауернк



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