Bean Thread Noodles


Clear noodles made from bean starch. Often used in a variety of Asian cuisines. Bean threads are dry, brittle and whitish before cooking. They soften very easily and don't require long boiling like wheat flour noodles, simply soaking for a minute or so in hot water or broth is sufficient. They are also lower in starch and make a a good substitute for wheat noodles in gluten free diets.


Other names: Bean Thread, Bean Thread Noodles, Glass Noodles, Bean Noodles, Cellophane Noodles
Translations: Bean Thread Nūdeles, Bean Thread Makaronai, Bean Thread Taitei, Bean Thread rezanci, Makaron Bean wątku, सेम धागा नूडल्स, Thread Noodles Bean, Лапша Бин темы, Bean Χυλοπίτες Θέματος, الشعرية بقول الموضوع, 콩 스레드 국수, Bean téma Nudle, Bean Thread noodles, 螺纹面豆, Bean Fideus Thread, Bean Thread Rezanci, Bean tému Rezance, אטריות שעועית האשכול, Bean tråd Nudlar, Бин Тема Резанци, ビーンスレッド麺, Nouilles Thread Bean, Bean Tråd Nudler, Bean tråd Noodles, Bean Fideos Thread, Локшина Бін теми, Bean säie Noodles, Bean темата юфка

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Shirataki noodles

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