Bastardo Madeira


Occasionally one sees Terrantez, Bastardo and Moscatel varieties of Madeira, although these are now increasingly rare on the island due to oidium and phylloxera. After the phylloxera epidemic, many wines were "mislabeled" as containing one of these noble grape varieties, which were reinterpreted as "wine styles" rather than true varietal names.


Translations: Bastardo Μαδέρα, Bastardo ماديرا, Bastard Madeira, Bastardo Madère, バスタルドマデイラ, 마데이라 라고요?, Бастардо Мадеира, Бастардо Мадейра, 巴斯塔马德拉, Бастардо Мадейра, Bastard Madeira, Bastardo Мадейра



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