Agri Valtorta


An Italian cheese made with fresh cows or goats milk in the Alta Valle Brembana in Lombardy. It is made with milk, rennet, and salt. It is a white cheese with a delicate and aromatic flavor. It also has a delicate and mild scent. This is made with whole milk, fresh from the cow or goat. Cow or goat's milk, when just milked you must add a 1%% acid whey and a bit of rennet, to obtain clotting maintained at 12-15 C . Then the curd is collected into bundles of linen that are placed to drain. When the mass is dry enough to take the canvas off, 25 g of salt per kg of cheese us added, then kneaded into rolls of about 3 cm in diameter which are then cut into long cylinders of about 5 cm. It matures at least one week in a cool place. The aging must take place in a time ranging from one to several weeks.


Translations: アグリワルトルタ, Žemės ūkio Valtorta, Valtorta الزراعية, Poľnohospodársko Valtorta, 농업 Valtorta, Zemědělsko Valtorta, Rolno Valtorta, कृषि Valtorta, 农业恩主教, Kmetijsko Valtorta, Агро Валторта, Agricultura Valtorta, Агро Valtorta



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