An Italian cheese from Piedmont. It is a soft, dense, white cheese made of cows' milk. It's found in the lower Cervo Valley region of Italy. This is a semi-fat cheese, short maturation. The weight of the forms varies from 800 grams to 1 Kg They are cylindrical, with a bare bottom (2-3 cm), straight or slightly convex, and flat faces (diameter 18-20 cm). When fresh the crust is absent, while the fifth or sixth day of ripening the cheese is covered with a "camisa". The paste is compact and soft white. The flavor is pleasant and delicate aroma of essences and of flora in the mountains. The Bedda can be consumed from the first day of production, but the seasoning is ideal for 8-15 days and matures in traditional local natural stone walls.


Translations: 贝德多, ベド, Беддо, Беддо, Беддо



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