Vitamin B7


B7 is found in a variety of foods including: Brewer's yeast, Swiss chard and legumes. Vitamin B7 is necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids.


Other names: Vitamin H, Biotin
Translations: Vitamīna B7, Vitaminas B7, Vitamina B7, Witamina B7, Vitamine B7, विटामिन B7, Vitamina B7, Витамин B7, Η βιταμίνη B7, فيتامين B7, 비타민 B7, Bitamina B7, 维生素B7, Vitamina B7, Vitamín B7, Vitamina B7, ויטמין B7, Витамин Б7, ビタミンB7の, La vitamine B7, Vitamina B7, Вітамін B7, Vitamiini B7, Витамин B7



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