Technique: Reaming


To extract the juice of fresh citrus fruits using a reamer. Slice a citrus fruit in half and use a reamer, a hand-held juicer tool, to penetrate the fruit. Twist the reamer to release as much juice as possible.


Other names: Juicing
Translations: Praplėtimas, Alezaj, Rozwiercanie, Ruimen, Brotsjing, Mandrilagem, Развертывание, التوسيع, Vystružování, 扩孔, Escariadores, Povrtavanja, Vystruhovanie, Alesatura, Brotschning, Реаминг, 拡孔, Alésage, Reiben, Rivning, Escariadors, Розгортання, Väljentäminen, Райбероване

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