Technique: Rondelle Cutting


Rondelle cutting is to cut something into a circular shape. It is basically cutting a round food into round slices. For example, cutting a carrot crosswise (90 degrees) so you end up with round carrot slices is rondelle cutting.

Used for carrot coins and other round foods like zucchini and summer squash.

Related to both the bias and chip cuts.


Other names: Rondelle Cut, Rondelles
Translations: Rondelle Griešanas, Rondelle Pjovimo, Rondelle de tăiere, Rezanje Rondelle, Rondelle cắt, Rondelle cięcia, Rondelle Snijden, Rondelle काटना, Rondelle de corte, Ронделл резки, Rondelle κοπής, قطع Rondelle, Rondelle은 커팅, Rondelle řezání, Pemotongan Rondelle, Rondelle pagputol, Rondelle切割, Rondelle tall, Rondelle rezanie, Rondelle di taglio, Rondelle חיתוך, Ронделле сечења, ロンデルは切削, Rondelle de coupe, Rondelle Skæring, Rondelle corte, Ронделл різання, Rondelli leikkaus, Rondelle рязане



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