Technique: Pressing Tofu


Pressing tofu dispels some of the water, making the texture firmer and chewier. Often used to make tofu more reminiscent of a meaty texture.

How To:

Wrap a block of tofu in a clean dishtowel and place on a plate or cutting board. Place a couple of cookbooks or flat, heavy objects (you might want to put a layer of plastic wrap between the two as the dishtowel will become soaked) on the tofu and let rest for 10 minutes. Unwrap the tofu and prepare.

Another great thing you can do with tofu is to freeze it. Just place it in the freezer in its original packaging. When you're ready to use it, take it out and defrost. Pressing it becomes even simpler, I've even just given it a squeeze over the sink, and it doesn't fall apart (like regular not frozen/defrosted tofu). The texture becomes even more firm and chewy than with regular pressing alone, and it absorbs marinades wonderfully!


Other names: Pressed Tofu
Translations: Nospiežot Tofu, Paspaudus Tofu, Apăsarea Tofu, Pritisak Tofu, Bấm Đậu hũ, Naciskając Tofu, Door op Tofu, दबाव Tofu, Pressionando Tofu, Нажатие Тофу, Πιέζοντας Tofu, الضغط التوفو, 누르면 두부, Lisování Tofu, Притиском на Тофу, Pagpindot Tofu, 豆腐压, En pressionar Tofu, Stiskanje Tofu, Lisovanie Tofu, Premendo Tofu, לחיצה על טופו, Genom att trycka Tofu, Menekan Tahu, を押すと豆腐, En appuyant sur Tofu, Drücken Tofu, Ved at trykke Tofu, Trykker Tofu, Al presionar Tofu, Натискання Тофу, Painamalla Tofu, Натискането на тофу


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I just got a TofuXpress. It works great for pressing tofu.

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