Technique: Dredging


A cooking technique used to coat food with a dry ingredient prior to cooking. It involves rolling the food in a wet preparation (e.g. egg), then rolling it in a dry ingredient (e.g. flour). This process is typical in the making of breaded foods, such as fried fish.


Other names: Dredge, Dredged
Translations: Bagarēšanas, Gilinimo, Dragaj, Jaružanje, Nạo vét, Pogłębiania, Baggeren, तलकर्षण, Dragagem, Дноуглубительные работы, Βυθοκόρηση, التجريف, 꺼내, Bagrování, Pengerukan, 疏浚, Dragatge, Dna, Bagrovania, Dragaggio, החפירות, Muddring, Јаружање, 浚渫, Dragage, Sandsugning, Mudring, Dragado, Днопоглиблювальні роботи, Ruoppaus, Драгирането



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