Tool: Coffee Press


A simple coffee brewing device consisting of a cylindrical container usually made of glass, equipped with a lid and a metal or plastic "plunger." The plunger, which has a fine mesh filter, fits tightly in the cylinder. Coffee is brewed by placing the coffee and water together, leaving to brew for a few minutes, then depressing the plunger to trap the coffee grounds at the bottom of the jug. The coffee is much improved if the glass container is warmed by filling with warm water and emptying before making the coffee.

A coffee press is also useful for making foamed milk. Fill half way with warm milk, press the plunger up and down about twenty times, and the milk will be as foamy as if it were made in a cappuccino machine.


Other names: French Press, Cafetière, Press Pot, Coffee Plunger
Translations: Kafijas Press, Kavos Spauda, Cafea de presă, Kava Press, Cà phê báo chí, Kawa Press, Koffie Druk op, कॉफी प्रेस, Café Press, Кофе пресс, Καφές Τύπου, القهوة الصحافة, 커피 프레스, Káva Tisk, Kopi Tekan, Kape Pindutin ang, 咖啡新闻, Cafè de Premsa, Kava Press, Káva Tlač, Caffè Stampa, קפה העיתונות, Kaffe Press, Кафа за штампу, コーヒープレス, Café Press, Kaffe Presse, Kaffe Press, Café de Prensa, Кава прес, Kahvi Press, Кафе Прес



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