Tool: Cheese Knife


A special knife that differs in size and blade depending on the type of cheese to be sliced.

Cheese knives used to cut hard cheeses such as cheddar, are usually very sharp and have a forked tip which is in turn used to serve the cheese.

Soft cheeses such as Brie are cut with a special knife containing holes which prevent the cheese from sticking to the blade.

Very hard cheeses such as Parmesan are cut using a short thick blade, that allows pressure to be applied when slicing.


Translations: Siera nazis, Sūris peilis, Brânză cuţit, Ser Knife, Kaasmes, पनीर चाकू, Queijo Faca, Нож для сыра, Τυρί Μαχαίρι, سكين الجبن, 치즈 나이프, Sýr Nůž, 奶酪刀, Ganivet de formatge, Sir Knife, Syr Nôž, גבינה סכין, Ostkniv, Сир Нож, チーズナイフ, Couteau à fromage, Käsemesser, Ost Knife, Ost Knife, Cuchillo de queso, Ніж для сиру, Juusto Knife, Сирене нож



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