Gordon Ramsay's New Restaurant Evacuated on Opening Night

August 11, 2011

Gordon Ramsay's latest endeavor is Laurier Gordon Ramsay in Montreal, Canada, and it seems to have already had a bit of bad luck. Last night's grand opening was cut short when patrons were forced to evacuate the restaurant when the sprinklers went off.

The restaurant has since released a statement saying they only experienced a small amount of damage due to the sprinkler malfunction. All is well though, because Laurier Gordon Ramsay reopened their doors this evening at 5pm.

Laurier Gordon Ramsay used to be known as Rotisserie Laurier BBQ, a famous Montreal landmark. After 75 years, Ramsay took the reigns and has revamped the restaurant.

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Christie 's picture

Ooohhhh, this hurts. I know he's not really so brash in real life, but for any chef, this would send you over the edge. I feel for the guy! Glad they came back so quickly.