Bintje Potato


The Bintje Potato is a creamy potato with yellowish flesh that is best served roasted or as french fries.


Other names: Miss Bintje, Dutch Yellow
Translations: Bintje Kartupeļu, Bintje bulvių, Bintje de cartofi, Bintje Krumpir, Khoai tây Bintje, Bintje ziemniaków, Bintje Aardappel, Bintje आलू, Bintje Batata, Bintje картофеля, Bintje πατάτας, Bintje البطاطا, Bintje 감자, Bintje brambor, Бинтје Кромпир, Bintje patatas, Bintje马铃薯, Bintje Papa, Bintje krompirja, Bint zemiakov, Bintje di patate, Bintje תפוחי אדמה, Bintje Potatis, Bintje Kentang, Bintjeポテト, Bintje pomme de terre, Bintje Papa, Bintje картоплі, Bintje Peruna, Bintje картофи

Physical Description

Large, long oval-shaped potato with satiny, pale-yellow skin. Skin will turn green with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Colors: Pale yellow

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Slightly nutty, light well developed potato flavor.
Mouthfeel: When fried firm on the outside, Creamy and soft on the inside. broiled slightly crunchy and soft inside.
Food complements: Pairs vey well with hearty meats such as beef and veal, A perfect match with roast beef. fried into chips or french fries compliments all types of sandwiches.
Wine complements: Chardonnay, Pinot grigio
Substitutes: Yukon gold, New potatoes, Yellow finn

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: april, may, june
Peak: may
Choosing: Potatoes that are light creamy yellow with papery skins, not wrinkled or with obvious blemishes or bruises. Potatoes left in the sun become green and bitter and should not be used unless peeled.
Buying: Now widely available in grocery stores except for high-end whole-foods and international markets. Seed can be purchased by mail-order at reasonable cost.
Procuring: Grows well in temperate areas with a moderate growing season. Plant in loose, well-drained soil fertilized with low nitrogen, high phosphorus fertlizer.

Preparation and Use

Retains the best flavor when roasted or fried or made into chips. Can also be used for potato salads and other side dishes.

Cleaning: Gently scrub under cool running water to remove dirt and pesticide residue.

Conserving and Storing

Bintje potatoes should be stored in a dark, cool place, but protected from freezing. Do not store in direct sunlight as the skins will become green and bitter-tasting.


History: Bintje potatoes are Dutch in origin.



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