Question: Can You Freeze Green Olives

April 2, 2010
We use green olives in a lot of recipes (pizza, tuna salad, potato salad, etc.) We bought an institutional sized jar that is eating up space in my fridge. Can I put olives in zip-lock backs and freeze them until I need to use them?


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Yes, they can be frozen and might be a little bit softer upon thawing but flavor should still be there. You could also put them into smaller jars which would fit better into your fridge.

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You could also try some ziploc bags- smaller sizes and portion them out into useable amounts. They would lay flat in your produce bin or on a small shelf in the fridge.

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You can put them in air tight bags, they should last for a longer period in your fridge. but for me the best way to preserve green olives is to put them in jars with lemon juice and olive oil, you may keep them in your fridge for a longer period of time, but they will keep nicely in a cool place outside the fridge too up to a year from the time you pickle them, sometimes longer, depending on the pickling process you use.

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Yes, you can freeze olives. You will need to rinse them first and then put into polyethylene containers filled with water. After when you need to thaw them just put covered container to fridge to defrost.

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