Green Bell Pepper Curry


Capsicum-3 big
oil- 2 tblsp
To make into Paste
shredded coconut- 1 tblsp
g.chillies-3 or 4
teaspoon poppy seeds - ⅓


Cut capsicum into squares.
Heat oil in a skillet and fry capsicum till they are soft.
Add the ground paste and fry till all the moisture is absorbed.
Thus a very simple side dish is ready to go along with rice.




Bell pepper is a kind of "sweet pepper". Bell pepper is a cultivar or cultivated plant of the species called Capsicum annuum. In some cultivated plants the green peppers ripen to a deep red. In other varieties, green peppers ripen to a golden yellow or bright orange. Bell peppers contain a recessive gene that eliminates the capsaicin content in the fruit. Capsaicin is what puts the heat or pungency in all the peppers. Capsaicin is found in its highest concentrations (about 80% of the total amount) in the ribs of the pepper, and because of their proximity, the seeds are also highly concentrated. Removing the ribs and seeds will reduce the heat of the chili pepper. So that's the reason bell peppers tend to be like a sweet pepper. Actually the heat of these peppers can be tested.They are measured in Scoville Units, with the bell peppers at 0 and the habanero at over 300,000 Scoville Units.The one thing that all chili peppers share is the common name "capsicum". Capsicum, from the Greek word "kapto" means "to bite" is the pepper genus.


6 servings


Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - 5:24pm


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