Seasonal Sunday: 5 Best Herb Infused Sorbets

July 3, 2011


Cranberry Mint Sorbet

Sorbet is so easy to make at home, I don't know why everyone isn't doing it! While classic flavors are at the top of any beginner's hit list - strawberry, raspberry, lemon, watermelon - there are so many different combinations you can produce from your garden alone! Ready to branch out? Here are 5 elegant fruity-herbal combinations that are sure to be a hit this summer!

Tomato Basil Sorbet
The most traditional semi-savory sorbet, a natural refresher.

Blackberry Mint Sorbet
Infused with red wine, this sorbet is incredibly rich and delightful.

Grapefruit Basil Sorbet
Sweet-tart grapefruit makes the perfect base for this tasty palette cleansing sorbet.

Cranberry Vanilla Bean Sorbet
The tartness of the cranberries is off set by the creaminess of the fresh vanilla seeds.

Lemon Mint Sorbet
Citrusy and refreshing!

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