Quick and Easy - Fudge Pops

July 8, 2011

When making your own popsicles, be sure to try making some fudgy ones. I remember walking to the local variety store to buy a popsicle for a nickel, but a chocolaty fudgsicle set us back 50 cents. They were worth the extra half hour of digging in my father's recliner for loose change, to afford one.

Here are some recipes to make your own chocolate fudge pops, no couch cushion flipping required.

Fudge Pops
Starting with the silky smoothness of chocolate pudding, a sure hit from your freezer.

Almond Fudge Pops
A few more ingredients, this one is a fudge pop in fancy clothing.

Homemade Fudgesicles
Nothing to add, other than be sure to make enough!



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