Thirsty Thursday: 3 Classic Eggnog Recipes

November 10, 2011

It's that time of year again -- the leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and tinsel is starting to crop up all over the place! While it seems like most people associate eggnog with Christmas, 5 years at Starbucks has my bevera-logical clock programmed differently -- as far as I'm concerned, eggnog season starts the Tuesday after Halloween. Why Halloween and not Thanksgiving? It just seems -- right. Thanksgiving to Christmas isn't very long and, for a brief period each year I take a hiatus from healthy and indulge in far too much warm eggnog. Here are 3 classic DIY/homemade eggnog recipes to get you started this holiday season! (Oh, and they're all naturally gluten free, of course! Just watch your alcohols -- if you have a sensitivity to whiskey or bourbon, use brandy or rum instead.)

Classic Homemade Eggnog
The key is using fresh eggs and high quality booze whiskey or bourbon.

Coquito - Puerto Rican Eggnog with Coconut
A traditional Puerto Rican version using coconut milk and rum (no worries, folks -- using Malibu is completely at your own discretion!) Don't forget to check out the 'choquito' (chocolate coquito/eggnog!) recipe, too.

Butterscotch Scotch Eggnog
Made with smoky Scotch, brown sugar and of course, brandy, this holiday classic gets a smoky-sweet makeover that will have you and your guests begging for more!

Stay tuned for an upcoming article on allergy friendly eggnog recipes (including milk/dairy free & vegan!)

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