5 Must Have Dutch Oven Recipes

January 5, 2014

Once you see these 5 Must Have Dutch Oven Recipes, it will be obvious how important a kitchen tool the Dutch oven really is. From frying to baking breads, this versatile pot will take you from appetizer to desserts with ease.

Dutch Oven Chicken

Dutch Oven Chicken is the perfect Sunday dinner. Easy to put together, and let it cook while you relax. What better way to spend a weekend with the family.

Oven Cooked Bean Soup

Rich and satisfying, this Oven Cooked Bean Soup also makes great lunches for the week. The Dutch Oven makes it easy and delicious.

Dutch Oven Chicken Paad Thai

Break out of the regular Dutch Oven cookery, and make this Dutch Oven Chicken Paad Thai. Your family will love it, and you will appreciate how easy it is.

Oven-Bbq Short Ribs With Squash and Leeks

Short ribs need to be cooked low and slow, concentrating the flavors and tenderizing the meat. These Oven-Bbq Short Ribs With Squash and Leeks are made in Dutch Oven, where they become succulent and perfect.

Red Wine Short Ribs

If you needed one word to describe these Red Wine Short Ribs, it would be Heaven. A perfect Valentine's Day dinner for your beloved, serve them with a kiss.

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