Quail- السمان


Quails are small, fat terrestrial birds that live on the ground, but are capable of short, rapid bursts of flight. Some species like the Japanese and the Common Quail are migratory and fly for long distances.

Quail meat is considered a delicacy. It can be prepared similar to chicken, although the taste is slightly different from chicken. The meat is tender and more flavorful.


Other names: common quial
Translations: Paipala, Putpelės, Prepeliţă, Prepelica, Nư sinh viên, Przepiórka, Kwartel, बटेर, Codorna, Перепел, Ορτύκι, السمان, 메추라기, Křepelka, Препелица, Masiraan ng loob, 鹌鹑, Guatlla, Prepelica, Prepelica, Quaglia, שליו, Vaktel, Burung puyuh, ウズラ, Caille, Wachtel, Vagtler, Vaktel, Codorniz, Перепілка, Viiriäinen, Пъдпъдък

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet
Mouthfeel: Tender
Food complements: Potatoes and greens
Wine complements: Red



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