Lamb Shoulder


The lamb shoulder lies between the rib section and the foreshanks.

The lamb shoulder is the most versatile of lamb cuts. It can be used for kabobs, grinding, and for stew. It is rich and tasty because of the amount of fat present in this cut.

There are a variety of cuts made for the lamb shoulder:

1. A square-cut lamb shoulder -largest retail lamb roast. With 4-5 ribs along the shoulder blade and arm bone
2. A cushion roast - Shoulder of lamb boned out and rolled.
3. A Saratoga roll - Boneless center roast cut from the very tender blade portion of the shoulder. Also known as the lamb chuck eye.


Other names:
Translations: Lamb Plecu, Lamb Peties, Mielul Umăr, Janjetina rame, Lamb vai, Lamb ramię, Lamsschouder, कंधे मेम्ने, Cordeiro Ombro, Лам плеча, Αρνί ώμου, خروف كتف, 램 어깨, Jehněčí Ramenní, Anak Domba Bahu, Lamb balikat, 羔羊肩, Espatlla de xai, Lamb Ramenski, Jahňacie Ramenný, Spalla di agnello, כתף טלה, Јагње Раме, ラム肩, Agneau épaule, Lammschulter, Lamb Skulder, Paletilla de cordero, Лам плеча, Lamb Olkapää, Агнето рамо



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