Achar means "pickle" in Hindi. It is used to pickle fruits and vegetables like mangoes and carrots. It is used with oil as a pickling medium rather than water. It can be spicy or sweet and it to be eaten with curries and breads. Achar is often made with lemon, ginger, onion, green onion, garlic, and cauliflower. The pickle itself is very shelf stable. When eaten, before each dip in the jar it is to be stirred. It's best to be stored in a dark, cool envirnoment to ward off bacterial growth. There are many different kinds of achar and vary from region to region. Sweet achars are paired with very hot curries and spicy achars go with a more mild curry or papadum.


Other names: ఊరగాయ, ஊறுகாய், Indian Pickle, আচার, अचार
Translations: AChar, Ацхар, Penya, Ахар, 阿查尔, Ахар, Acán



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