Alkanet Root


Alkanet is a biennial or perennial herb that grows to 12 inches high and is used in dyeing material. Its root produces a fine red coloring and is often used to improve the appearance of poor grades of port and similar wines to give it the appearance of age.

A member of the borage family, the alkanet plant has roots that yield a red dye, which is used to color various food products such as margarine.

The root is used in Indian cuisine.


Other names: रातीं जोट
Translations: アルカンナルート, Alkanet الجذر, Alkanet Koreňové, Orcanette Root, Alkanet 루트, Alkanna Root, Alkanet Kořenové, Alkanet רוט, Alkanet корневой, Alkanet रूट, Alquena Arrel, Alkanet кореневої, 牛舌根, Алканет корена, Alheña Raíz, Alkanet Корен



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