Malabathrum,sometimes called Indian Bay Leaf, is a spice that tastes like cinnamon but milder (and is considered inferior in taste to cinnamon), and is used almost exclusively in the kitchens of Northern India.

Both Malabathrum and Bay Leaf are similar and called as Tej Patta in Hindi. however, they are from two different families with difference in taste


Other names: Bay Leaf, तेज पत्ता, Malabar Leaf, Indian Bay Leaf, তেজ পাতা Tej Pata, Cinnamomum Tamala, బిర్యానీ ఆకు, Tej Patta, Malobathrum
Translations: 柴桂, ساذج هندي, Indisches Lorbeerblatt, Малабатхрум

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Bay leaf, Cinnamon, Turkish bay leaf



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