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Super Natural Avocados from Chile


If Chile was just another country, Avocados from Chile would be just another avocado. But Avocados from Chile are a super-food grown in one of nature’s most pristine and perfect places. Chile boasts twenty-four hundred miles of Pacific Ocean coastline and towering mountain ranges. Surrounded on all sides by natural barriers, Chile’s unique geographic conditions create pristine growing environments for avocados that are second to none. Here, Avocados from Chile are grown with passion and brought to market with pride.


During the annual harvest of exceptionally delicious and nutritious avocados, super taste is revealed. Their buttery texture and unique flavor can stand alone or complement any dish, pairing up naturally with any meal or snack. The outstanding taste of Avocados from Chile reflects the pride of Chilean growers and presents a flavor that enriches any recipe and enhances every eating experience. With such a diverse fruit adding irresistible sweet and savory flavors to our tables, the possibilities are endless with Avocados from Chile.

A powerhouse of nutrition, Avocados from Chile are packed full of nearly twenty vitamins, minerals and oils. This enjoyable green goodness is also sodium and cholesterol free, containing approximately two grams of fiber per fruit. Avocados from Chile fuel the body and the imagination, perfectly complementing a highly energized lifestyle. With their smooth and creamy consistency, avocados are a favorite for people of all ages and often one of the first fresh fruits a baby can easily digest.

The combination of super taste, super power and a super place results in Super Natural Avocados from Chile. The myriad uses and many benefits of Avocados from Chile are a reflection of the country they come from; a place and people defined by diversity and a joyous celebration of life.


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