Baltic Porter


Baltic porters are deep, dense and thoughtful beers. As they borrow much from other, more familiar styles, they have many layers of flavors. Sweet, soothing maltiness akin to the finest German bocks is present. Rummy, raisin and licorice notes similar to an old ale reside in the profile. The character also has hints of chocolate and coffee, and at times, a roasted background. All co-mingle into a smooth, silky flavor that is contemplative but robust. Hops rates are noticeable in the dark versions but understated in the lighter-colored ones.


Translations: Βαλτική Porter, Baltijos Porterio, البلطيق بورتر, Baltické Porter, Porter Baltique, Baltică Porter, 발트 포터, Baltské Porter, הבלטי פורטר, Балтийский Портер, Baltische Porter, バルトポーター, बाल्टिक पोर्टर, Porter Bàltic, Балтійський Портер, 波罗的海波特, Балтички Портер, Porter Baltik, Porter Báltico, Балтийско Портър



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