Life Changing Ballpark Food Innovation

April 5, 2011

Ballpark Food

You will no longer have to get out of your seat to get a beer at a ballpark, thanks to the technological innovations of the 21st century. Seattle beer vendor Kevin Zelko will accept orders via his Twitter account (@Msbeervendor). Customers will send him their order, seat number and Zelko will arrive as soon as he cans.

He figures that his system will take some of the guess work out of selling beer. Currently, vendors must walk down the aisles, asking customers if they want beer. With his Twitter plan, Zelko won't have to waste time and can go directly to interested parties. Zelko also believes that his customers with Twitter are likely upper class and can afford to purchase more beer.

Zelko doesn't believe fans at home will prank him. He hopes to develop a following outside of baseball games with fans. During the day, Zelko works as a special education teacher for children with special needs.

In case you were wondering, Zelko says he traditionally sells 80 beers and makes $125 during a normal game (during weekends he sells 100+ beers and makes $200). Hard work.

Photo by Navin75