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August 28, 2011
Not too long ago I posted a recipe for BBQ Grilled Shrimp and it was a simple and delicious shrimp recipe! I decided to grill some more shrimp and build a tostada with fresh smashed avocado, creamy cilantro lime slaw { borrowed from my Baja Style Fish Tacos }, ripe tomatoes and crumbled Queso Fresco ... they turned out great!
August 27, 2011
I wanted to try the new Cooking Light banana bread recipe. But the old Cooking Light banana bread recipe was my standby. I used to make it so often, I almost had it memorized. I sent it to DR-sis every semester during finals in a care package. (Once she started getting a paycheck, I decided she can make her own bread.)
August 26, 2011
I was watching Cash Cab the other night and one of the very first questions in the episode was – what dessert is named due to its ingredient list with 16 oz of butter, 16 oz of sugar, 16 oz...etc?
August 25, 2011
Another tomato, basil and mozzarella salad -- what's new about that? Apart from a bursting-with-flavor basil vinaigrette, and the fact that the tomato and basil came from my own garden?
August 24, 2011
Last week, we went on a short trip to Budapest and went to Napos Oldal Okocafe, the vegan-friendly cafe on my first evening in Budapest; about 15 mins walk from the hotel. The long-haired Hungarian host was extremely genuine and spoke English; he identified which dishes were vegan, including the desserts.
August 23, 2011
Summertime in the Midwest USA feels nearly as hot as the surface of the sun. Or at least that’s how it feels. But sunshine and hot weather don’t eliminate my desire for decadent, sweet treats.
August 22, 2011
My mother keeps giving me zucchini. Not even zucchini from her garden or anything, just plain ‘ol grocery store zucchini. I think I mentioned that I really liked it once and now I’m dealing with zucchini overload.
August 21, 2011
“Daddy is a chef. Mommy is not a chef, but she cooks.” I don’t mind this distinction, and welcome it as I’ve been the beneficiary of many great meals thanks to my husband.
August 20, 2011
Here’s another great loaf for anyone apprehensive about kneading dough to a good consistency. As with The Grant Loaf, there is no kneading involved at all – but whereas the Grant Loaf is ready in under two hours, this loaf requires the best part of a whole day before its ready.
August 19, 2011
So when I had leftover pie crust from my Banana Cream Pie, I thought "Why not fill it with peanut butter and jelly" And then I did it. And they came out super yummy... the dough was rolled really thin so it was flaky and and I loved that the peanut butter and jelly melted and oozed out of the sides of the 'hand pies'. My only complaint is that I couldn't fit enough filling in them, but other than that, great!
August 18, 2011
Alot of us in the blog-o-sphere will be making this tonight in honor of the untimely death of fellow blogger and recipe developer Jennie Perillo's husband. I've been a "lurker" (I think that's what they call someone who follows a blog but hasn't left a comment...) on her blog for quite a while and love it.
August 17, 2011
I've been a Twitter absentee and I just found out about this so hopefully, I'm not too late. It's already Saturday here, but about half a world away, it's still Friday and I'm determined to get this Peanut Butter Pie post out anyway. It's for Mikey, Jennifer Perillo's husband who passed away so suddenly last weekend. I'm not the only one putting up a peanut butter pie post in honor of Mikey (who, by the way, loved to eat them), hundreds of people are. You can see how some of the pies look like over at TasteSpotting and watch this beautiful video tribute by White On Rice Couple, Diane and Todd.
August 16, 2011
This past Sunday a fellow food blogger, Jennie Perillo, host of In Jennie’s Kitchen, lost her husband to a massive heart attack. It was sudden… without a warning. But she had only one simple request; make a Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey and share it with your loved ones. She reminded us that tomorrow’s not a guarantee – seize the moment, and don’t wait to say I Love You.
August 15, 2011
Gazpacho is a cold, raw vegetable soup which originates from Andalusia in Spain. Because of it’s bread, oil and garlic base, there’s a certain amount of speculation on where it came from – most probably it arrived in Spain with the Moors or Romans (the name itself may even be pre Roman in origin). It’s very popular as a cold food during the long hot summer months and there are many variations, though generally it contains tomatoes. As London literally burned around me this week, gazpacho seemed like an excellent soup to cool things down. Shame the police didn’t think of that!
August 14, 2011
On our way back, some blackberries caught my eye. Now, surely it's too early for blackberries? This is early August.
August 13, 2011
Butterflying the chicken will reduce the cooking time. This recipe can be adapted to use 2 smaller chickens, just reduce the cooking time again. The chillies can be adjusted up or down according to your taste.
August 12, 2011
There's really nothing like homemade curry and it's so worth it to make your own curry paste when time (and your mood) permit. Living in Malaysia which basically means year-long summer (humid though), you might think that we would be eating more cool foods but apparently spicy foods are great to combat the humidity which is also the reason why most Sichuanese food is hot and spicy - think the Chinese philosophy of balance, the heat in spicy foods supposedly help to balance out the 'wetness' due to the humidity.
August 11, 2011
These adorable pizza puffs are fun party appetizers and also make a great lunch for kids. Much like making any other muffin recipe, you simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl, spoon into muffin cups and bake. Serve with warmed pizza sauce (I used this one and omitted the Parmesan cheese).
August 10, 2011
Think about it. Your mom’s recipes taste just that much better when she makes them, rather than you trying to re-create. Dishes at a restaurant can taste divine, but they taste just that much better when you can make it at home. Christmas gifts, birthday cards, cake, cookies, pie, donuts.. all better homemade?
August 9, 2011
I find it appropriate that I am following up a post about summer tomatoes with a post about summer peaches. Brian and I have long had the argument over which is our favorite summer fruit, with him typically landing on the tomato side of the line and me on the peach. It is a close race, for sure. Both are delicious only during their season, each overlapping the other during July and August in Virginia.