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July 21, 2009
July 21, 2009
Timeless Gourmet
For most of us, having stuffed shrimp and stuffed lobster is a special occasion, so it’s important to get it right - and this is the really good stuff! My stuffing has a lighter texture than a cracker crumb stuffing - it’s toasted small cubes of bread, combined with garlic, lemon juice, fresh parsley, buttery bits of lobster
July 20, 2009
July 20, 2009
Taste is Trump
As a teenager I worked at a pizza place called The Pizza Ranch (a chain in the Midwest). It was new in town and very popular. All of the pizzas had funny western names like “trailblazer,” “bronco,” and “round up”. One of the pizzas that were hardly ever ordered was the BLT. It was a bacon pizza that was topped with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato after baking. Yes, mayonnaise. I thought that was the weirdest thing ever to put on a pizza.
July 19, 2009
Little Chef and I
When I cook I like to keep the flavors complimentary. If the meat marinade is citrus based I like to bring that into the side dish as well. For the citrus chicken I decided to go with the lemon risotto.
July 18, 2009
The Split Pea
I had purchased some red quinoa at Central Market in Houston, and I decided it was time to try it by making a salad, because salads with grains are just good and simple and so nourishing, but also because I had no idea what else to make.
July 17, 2009
Crabapple Coulis
If you don't have access to wild prickly pears, most large grocery stores carry them now. This jam is great on toast-- enjoy!
July 16, 2009
July 16, 2009
Eating Out Loud
There’s one left and I’m trying to hold out another day before eating it … just so it lasts a little bit longer.
July 15, 2009
Suburban Spoon
Grilling doesn't always equal healthy, but I am always looking for a take on conventional food with a healthy twist. That is why I absolutely love Trader Joe's (please, please bring a store to Lafayette Hill, PA!). They provide such a superabundance of healthy, scrumptious, and easy-to-make food - I cannot think of a better grocer!
July 14, 2009
July 14, 2009
Drew Cooks!
This is a beautiful and unique dish that isn’t too hard to pull together and will be sure to impress your guests!
July 13, 2009
The Cake and the Knife
The love of chocolate has held true these 25 years, but I have raised the stakes on my old 4 year old self, if only just a little.
July 12, 2009
Jenny Mac's Lip Smack
You don't have to prepare this dessert just for 4th of July, Memorial Day or Veteran's Day. Make this now when berries are in season and just so yummy!
July 11, 2009
A Feast for the Eyes
I had one piece of tenderloin steak left so I decided to turn this into beef stroganoff. There are several versions, one which includes paprika and dill. I love dill, but my boys aren't as crazy about it. So, I went with my tried and true recipe version from Cook's Illustrated.
July 10, 2009
Mirch Masala
Usually I make paneer butter masala, by grinding the onions with some spices, then for the tomato base, I blanch the tomatoes and grind them again with some spices. Marinate and fry the paneer, sometimes. And there is always the cashew paste that goes in with the cream. In this version, I skip all of these steps. I just grated the onion directly into the pan, added readymade tomato paste and just the cream and it still tastes as good as the original one :) If you don't believe me, you can go ahead and try this!
July 10, 2009
Lindaraxa's Garden
If you're looking for the classic Cuban Mojito, the way Ernest Hemingway drank it in Old Havana, you've come to the right place!
July 9, 2009
Mother Rimmy's Cooking Light Done Right
I’ve challenged myself to use up everything in my over-flowing pantry, refrigerator and freezer. No going to the store except to get cat food, wine, coffee and milk. Gotta have those things to survive!
July 5, 2009
Angie's Recipes
Charlotte' is a very popular salad variety which produces pear-shaped, yellow skinned waxy potatoes with creamy-yellow flesh. They are full of flavour and delicious either hot or cold. Potatoes were originally cultivated in Peru, South American. It didn't gain prominence across Europe until 1780's. Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to eat potatoes. Today, the potato is so common and plentiful in western diet.