Dover Sole


A member of the flounder family, the Dover sole (Solea solea) is found mainly in European waters. It is pale gray to brown in color. Its flesh is fattier and firmer that other members of the flat fish family. Extremely low oil content, with a very mild, sweet flavor. It is often baked, broiled, poached, steamed, or sauteed.


Other names: Common Sole
Translations: Dover Vienīgais, ドーヴァーソール, Dover Vienintelis, دوفر الوحيد, Dover Jediný, Linguado, Sole, 도버 유일한, Dover Jediný, Sola Dover, Dover Eneste, Dover únic, Довер Sole, דובר סול, Довер Sole, 多佛尔独资, Довер соле, Dover único, Dover единствен



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