Dried Cranberry


Dried cranberries also known as craisins or crazens, are a tasty alternative to dried raisins. They are a little tart and are sometimes sweetened with sugar to tone down the tartness.

Dried cranberries are an excellent source of dietary fiber , however the vitamins present in the cranberries are lost in the commercial drying process.


Other names: Crazens, Craisins
Translations: Žāvēti Cranberry, Džiovintos spanguolės, Uscate Cranberry, Osušeni Brusnica, Cranberry khô, Suszone żurawiny, Gedroogde Cranberry, सूखे टुकड़े, Secas Cranberry, Клюква сушеная, Αποξηραμένα Cranberry, التوت البري المجفف, 건어물 적갈색, Sušené brusinky, Cranberry Kering, Tuyo Cranberry, 蔓越莓干, Seques de nabiu, Posušene Cranberry, Sušené brusnice, Secchi Cranberry, חמוציות מיובשות, Torkade Tranbär, Сува брусница, 乾燥クランベリー, Canneberges séchées, Getrocknete Cranberry, Tørrede Tranebær, Tørket Cranberry, Secas de arándano, Журавлина сушена, Kuivatut Cranberry, Сухи Cranberry

Physical Description

Colors: deep red, orange

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Raisins, Dried cherries, Dried blueberries, Currants



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