Chayote Squash (Choko)


A type of squash with a pear shape and light green skin. The bland tasting flesh of Chayote is white to pale green with one small soft seed in the middle.

Chayote is native to Latin America, but is grown other tropical to semi-tropical areas such as California and Florida.

Chayote is easily cooked and goes well in stews and casseroles, and is also served plain, steamed.


Other names: Christophene, Xuxu, Vegetable Pears, Choko
Translations: Chayote Skvošs, ハヤトウリスカッシュ, Chayote Skvošo, Chayote الاسكواش, Chuchu Squash, La chayote squash, Chayote 스쿼시, Su su Squash, Chayote סקווש, Чейот Сквош, Labu siam Squash, Chayote स्क्वैश, Chayote esquaix, Чейот Сквош, 佛手瓜壁球, Цхаиоте Сквош, Chayote squash, Chayote скуош

Physical Description

Pear shaped squash with a thin green skin and firm white interior flesh with seeds in the center.

Colors: a springy green with possible freckles of brown

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Bottle ground or cucuzza, Zucchini, Yellow crookneck squash, Summer squash



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