Pecorino Romano


An Italian sheeps' milk cheese known to be hard, crumbly, and salty. It is most often used for pasta dishes and has a distinct aroma. It is aged 5 monhts for a table cheese and at least 8 months for a grating cheese. On May 1st, Roman families eat Pecorino with fresh fava beans during an excursion in the Campagna.


Translations: ペコリーノロマノ, Pecorino رومانو, Pecorino 로마노, Pecorino romano, Пецорино Романо, Pecorino रोमानो, פקורינו רומנו, Пекоріно Романо, 佩科里诺罗马诺, Пекорино Романо, Pecorino Romà



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