Beef Heart


Beef Heart is considered part of the offals together with the lungs, brains, kidney and liver of the cattle. Unlike the pig's heart, beef heart is too tough to be grilled or sauteed.

Beef heart should be cooked slowly using moist heat.


Other names:
Translations: Liellopu Heart, Jautienos Heart, Carne de vită inima, Govedina Heart, Thịt bò Heart, Serce wołowiny, Beef Hart, गोमांस हार्ट, Carne do Coração, Бычье сердце, Βοείου κρέατος Καρδιά, لحوم البقر القلب, 쇠고기 하트, Hovězí srdce, Karne ng baka puso, 牛心, De cor de res, Goveje meso Heart, Hovädzie srdce, Cuore di manzo, בקר הלב, Nötkött Heart, Говедине срца, ビーフハート, Cœur de bœuf, Oksekød Heart, De corazón de res, Бичаче серце, Naudan sydän, Говеждо сърце

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Veal heart, Lamb heart



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