Royal Red Kidney Beans


A royal red kidney bean is so named since it is shaped like a kidney. Its dark red skin is a source of confusion. Known also as the red bean, there are other red beans, such as the smaller Azuki beans and the red type ricebeans. Kidney beans have a strong flavor, thus its use in a variety of dishes across cultures. They are widely used for chili recipes and bean salads, as well as an ingredient of mixed bean curries. Usually found dried, red kidney beans must be soaked for at least 12 hours before cooking. To prevent flatulence, change the soak water once or twice during soaking. Dried red kidney beans also need to be boiled briskly to remove the beans' inherent toxin.


Other names: Rajma
Translations: Royal Red pupiņas, Royal Red Daržinės pupelės, Royal fasole roşie rinichi, Royal Crveni grah, Royal Red thận Đậu, Royal Red Fasola, रॉयल लाल गुर्दा बीन्स, Royal Red Feijão, Королевская красная фасоль, Royal φασόλια, الفول الأحمر الملكي الكلى, 로얄 레드 강낭콩, Royal Fazole červená ledvina, Royal Ginjal Kacang Merah, Royal Red Sakit beans, 皇家红芸豆, Reial Fesols Coloradas, Royal Red fižol v zrnju, Royal Fazuľa červená ľadvina, Fagioli Royal Red, רויאל כליות שעועית אדומה, Royal Röda kidneybönor, Краљевски Ред киднеи грах, ロイヤルレッドインゲン豆, Haricots rouges Royal, Royal Red Kidney Bohnen, Royal røde kidneybønner, Real Habichuelas Coloradas, Королевська червона квасоля, Royal Red Tarhapavut, Royal Червен боб

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Red bean, Pinto bean, Chili bean, Tolosana bean, Azuki bean, Roman bean



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