Dill Seed


Dill seed is the fruit of the dill plant. It is spice-like and have a stronger flavor than the weed. It's flavor is clean, pungent, almost like caraway. It is great sprinkled over casseroles before baking and used in salad dressings.


Other names: Soya
Translations: Diļļu sēklas, Krapų sėklos, Seminţe de mărar, Sjeme kopra, Nasion kopru, Dillezaad, डिल बीज, Укроп семенной, Άνηθος, بذور الشبت, 딜 종자, Dill semen, Dill Buto, 莳萝种子, Semillas de eneldo, Dill semien, דיל זרע, Мирођија семена, ディルシード, Llavors d'anet, Кріп насіннєвий, Tilli Seed, Семена от копър

Physical Description

Colors: light brown

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet
Substitutes: Caraway seeds, Celery seeds



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