Beef Lung


Beef lung is considered part of the offals together with the heart, brains, kidney and liver of the cattle. It is commonly used in the Chinese dish Fuqi feipian ("Married Couples slices of lung").


Other names: Paru Paru (Malay)
Translations: Liellopu plaušu, Jautienos plaučių, Carne de vită Lung, Govedina pluća, Lung thịt bò, Wołowiny Lung, गोमांस फेफड़े, Carne de pulmão, Говядина легких, Βοείου κρέατος του πνεύμονα, لحوم البقر الرئة, 쇠고기 폐, Hovězí Lung, Baka baga, 牛龙, Carn de pulmó, Goveje meso Lung, Hovädzie Lung, Polmone di manzo, בקר ריאות, Nötkött Lung, Говеђа плућа, 牛肺, Boeuf du poumon, Oksekød Lung, Carne de pulmón, Яловичина легенів, Naudanliha Lung, Говеждо белия дроб



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