Oyster Mushrooms


Oyster Mushrooms is veryy abundently consumed in South East Asia as own soup or as stuffed stir fried preparation and contains .04 to 2.7 %% statins


Translations: Austere sēnes, Oyster Grybai, Oyster Ciuperci, Bukovače, Nấm Oyster, Oyster Grzyby, Oesterzwammen, आयस्टर मशरूम, Oyster Cogumelos, Вешенками, Στρείδι Μανιτάρια, المحار الفطر, 굴 버섯, Hlívou ústřičnou, Каменица Печурке, Talaba mushrooms, 牡蛎蘑菇, Xampinyons, Ostrigarjev, Hlivu ustricovú, Oyster Funghi, צדפות פטריות, Ostronskivling, Jamur tiram, オイスターマッシュルーム, Pleurotes, Austernpilze, Oyster Svampe, Østerssopp, Champiñones, Глива, Osterivinokkaita, Стриди Гъби



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