Black Valentine Green Bean


A snap variety, producing straight, slender and stringless green beans. Good for early planting, matures in 48 to 70 days. Heirloom variety dating to circa 1850.

This group of beans is a favorite for the home garden and can be grown just about anywhere because they have a relatively short growing season. They can be planted from seed as soon as the soil is warm (day temperatures are around 60 degrees Farenheit), in full sun and loose, well drained soil. Bush type beans are very easy to grow and manage, reaching a height of only 2 feet tall. To control harvest, bush beans can be planted every two weeks.


Other names: Green Bean, Black Valentine
Translations: Black Valentine Zaļā Bean, Juodosios Valentino Žalioji Bean, Valentin Negru fasole verde, Crno Valentine Green Bean, Black Valentine đậu xanh, Czarny Valentine Green Bean, काले वेलेंटाइन ग्रीन बीन, Black Bean Valentine Verde, Черный Валентина Грин Бин, Black Valentine Πράσινη Bean, أسود فول أخضر الحب, 블랙 발렌타인 녹색 콩, Černá Valentine fazolové, Kacang Hijau Hitam Valentine, 黑色情人节绿豆, Negre Verd Bean Sant Valentí, Čierna Valentine fazuľové, Black Bean Valentine Green, שחור שעועית ירוקה ולנטיין, Црно Валентине Зелена Бин, ブラックバレンタイングリーン豆, Black Bean Valentine Green, Svart Valentine Green Bean, Negro Verde Bean San Valentín, Чорний Валентина Грін Бін, Musta Valentine Green Bean, Черно Валентин зелен боб


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