Soy Flour


Soy flour or Soybean flour is made from roasted soybeans that are ground into fine powder. Defatted soybean flour have had their oil content reduced to 1%%. Soy flour is ordinarily mixed with other flours for baking.


Other names: Soybean Flour
Translations: Sojas milti, Sojų miltai, Faina de soia, Soja Brašno, Bột đậu nành, Mąka sojowa, Sojameel, सोया आटा, Farinha de Soja, Соевой муки, Αλεύρι σόγιας, طحين الصويا, 간장 밀가루, Sójová mouka, Брашно од соје, Toyo Flour, 大豆粉, Farina de soja, Sojine moke, Sójová múka, Farina di soia, קמח סויה, Sojamjöl, Tepung kedelai, 大豆粉, Farine de soja, Sojamehl, Sojamel, Soyamel, Harina de soja, Соєвої муки, Soijajauhoja, Соево брашно



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