Dry Stout


Irish stout or dry stout is very dark or rich in color often having a "toast" or coffee-like taste, the most famous example of which is Guinness, whose alcoholic content and "dry" flavour are both characterised as light.


Translations: Sausi Stout, Chimică Stout, Khô Stout, Suchej Stout, सूखी स्टाउट, Сухой стаут, الجافة ستاوت, 드라이 스타우트, Suché Stout, Kering Stout, Dry mataba, 干斯托特, Stout seca, Suché Stout, יבש סטאוט, Суви крепак, ドライスタウト, Tør Stout, Stout seca, Сухий стаут, Kuiva Stout, Химическо Стаут



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