Rice Milk


Rice Milk is a white milky liquid made of rice that is often used in recipes or as a beverage, but should not be interchanged with cow's milk as the makeup is very different.


Translations: Rīsi Piens, Ryžiai Pienas, Orez cu lapte, Rižino mlijeko, Sữa gạo, Mleko ryżowe, Rijstepap, चावल दूध, O leite de arroz, Рисовое молоко, Ρύζι Γάλα, الأرز الحليب, 쌀 우유, Rýžového mléka, Beras Susu, 米奶, Arròs amb llet, Ryžového mlieka, Latte di riso, חלב אורז, Ris Mjölk, Пиринач млека, ライスミルク, Le lait de riz, Reismilch, Arroz con leche, Рисове молоко, Райс млякото



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