Pigs' Feet


Pig's feet are commonly available in most counties and can be cooked, pickled, barbecued, and served with a variety of side dishes. Often split down the middle when sold raw, this allows the marrow and gelatinous connective tissue to dissolve during cooking.


Other names: Pig Feet, Trotter, Pig's Foot, Pig Trotters, Trotters
Translations: Cūkas &Pēdas, Kiaulės kojų, Porci &Picioare, Svinje 'stopala, Lợn 'Feet, Świń Feet, Varkens 'Voeten, 'सूअर पैर, Pés Pigs ', Свиньи 'футов, Feet Χοίροι &, الخنازير 'الأقدام, 돼지 '피트, Prasata 'Nohy, Свиње &стопала, Pigs 'paa, 猪的脚, Potes de porc, Feet Prašiči &, Ošípané 'Nohy, Suini 'Piedi, חזירים 'רגליים, Svin fötter, Babi Kaki, 豚足, Pigs 'Feet, Pigs 'Feet, Svin 'Feet, Griser 'Feet, Patas de cerdo, Свині 'футів, Siat &Jalat, Прасета &Крака

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