Duck Fat- دهن البط


Duck fat provides a rich flavor to foods; it can be used in place of oil or butter. If you cannot find it in stores, you can render your own. Ask for plain duck fat at the butcher or your local farmer's market.

To render duck fat, place the fat in a saucepan and cover with water in a ratio of 2 cups water per one pound fat. Simmer until the water has boiled away, 1- 1 1/2 hours. The fat will be golden and the bubbles will be very small. Remove the fat from the burner immediately or it will burn. Cool the fat for 15 minutes, then strain three times. Cool completely and refrigerate; freeze any fat you will not use right away.


Translations: Duck Tauki, Antis Riebalai, Fat Duck, Fat Duck, Fat Duck, Fat Duck, Fat Duck, मोटी बतख, Fat Duck, Дак жира, Πάπια Fat, بطة فات, 오리 뚱보, Fat Duck, Bebek Fat, Pato Fat, 鸭脂肪, The Fat Duck, Fat Duck, Fat Duck, הברווז השמן, Патка масти, ダック脂肪, The Fat Duck, Fat Duck, The Fat Duck, Дак жиру, Дебелата патица

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Goose fat, Lard or pork fat, Chicken fat



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