Riesling Wine


Riesling wine comes from the white Riesling grapes. It is an aromatic white wine that can be anything from bone dry to lusciously sweet. Considered highly expressive, the character of a Riesling wine resonates with the wine's local environment.

With its balance of sugar and acidity, Riesling wine can be paired with either white fish or pork. Riesling is also considered to be one of the few wines that can be paired up with Thai and Chinese dishes. Dry Riesling is usually served cold. Older (and thus, sweeter) Rieslings can be served warm.

Riesling can often be an exceptional pairing with oysters. The brisk acidity of a dry Riesling offers a balance with raw oysters.


Other names: Riesling, Reisling
Translations: Riesling vīna, Riesling vynas, Riesling de vin, Rizling Vino, Rượu Riesling, Wino Riesling, Riesling wijn, रिस्लीन्ग शराब, Riesling Vinho, Рислинг Вино, Riesling Οίνος, ريسلينغ النبيذ, 리즐링 와인, Ryzlink rýnský Víno, Ризлинг вина, Risling Wine, 雷司令葡萄酒, Vi Riesling, Riesling Vinska, Ryzling rýnsky Víno, Riesling Vino, יין ריזלינג, Riesling vin, Riesling Anggur, リースリングワイン, Riesling, Riesling Wein, Riesling Vin, Vino Riesling, Рислінг Вино, Riesling Viini, Ризлинг Вино

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Dry vermouth, Blush wine, Sake, Sparkling wine, Sherry, Mirin, White grape juice, Apple juice, Apple cider



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